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Children Running



Note: Children's activities below are free!

Children’s Pedal Tractor Pull 


Saturday at 1:00 pm outside the Lindsay Campbell Horse Barn

Registration begins at 12:30pm outside the Lindsay Campbell Horse Barn

A FREE event for children ages 3+. 

What is the Children’s Pedal Pull? The goal is to pedal a tractor with a boat and weights behind it as far as possible up to a “Full Pull”, just like a full-size tractor pull! Children will be divided into four classes based on weight (30 to 70 lbs) and the amount of weight in the boat towed behind the tractor will increase with the weight classes increases. The first-place winner in each class wins a handmade wooden tractor. 

Prizes for every participant! 

Zucchini Races

Sunday at 1:30 pm outside the Lindsay Campbell Horse Barn


Information: Wayne and Joe Anne Wesley 613-267-8245

Registration and zucchini car building workshop from 1:30-2:30pm - a limited number of zucchini, wheels, and axles will be available, bring your own decorations

PRIZE MONEY - 1st $20.00, 2nd $10.00, 3rd $5.00

What is a zucchini race? A drag race on an incline track with zucchini vehicles

How is the race won? First Zucchini to the bottom wins, number of races depends on number of entries



  • One weight class

  • Vehicles must be non-motorized, no pre-fab chassis

  • Vehicle width including wheels, must not exceed 8" approx.

  • Vehicle length from nose to rear wheel axle must not exceed 12" approx.


Bring your zucchini vehicle, pit crew and your cheering section and join in the fun! Tickle trunk for all entrants

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