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Red Leaves

Maple Syrup & Maple Sugar

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Please note the Rules Governing the Perth Fair. They pertain to all classes. Please read them carefully.

Information: Frances Somerville 613-264-1404

All exhibits in this class must be in place between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 31st in the Homecraft Building ready for judging. The producer’s name must not appear on exhibits until after judging.


  • An exhibit will consist of 1 - 250ml Kent style glass bottles. Bottles are available at the fair office. Syrup should be packed hot (180° -200°).

  • All maple products must be shown according to specification of sections 4-5-6, re: container size and weight.

  • Syrup under “66° Brix” (66% sugar) and maple syrup entered in the wrong colour class will be disqualified.

  • Not more than one entry per section per exhibitor.

  • Score sheets may be picked up with the exhibit on completion of fair.

  • A colourimeter will be available Thursday evening so maple syrup may be entered into the proper section.  The committee will not be responsible for placing the exhibit in the proper section.

PRIZE MONEY - 1st $17.00, 2nd $14.00, 3rd $11.00, 4th $8.00, 5th $7.00, 6th $6.00


1.  Maple Syrup Canada #1 - Golden

2.  Maple Syrup Canada #1 - Amber

     Winner agrees to compete at District 2 level annual meeting Oct. 29, 2022. The winner from our district competes at the OAAS Convention in Toronto in Feb. 2023. 

3.  Maple Syrup Canada #1 - Dark

4.  Maple Sugar -Soft - 1 -125 gram box of small pieces

5.  Maple Butter - 1 icebox jar -250 ml

6.  Stirred Sugar - 1 250 ml icebox jar

7.  Maple Jelly - 1 250ml jar

8.  Any MAPLE product that you have made that is unable to be entered in any of the above classes.

9.  A gift basket of maple products you made with the theme "SUNFLOWERS"

Junior - 15 years & under

10.  Maple Syrup - 1 250 ml bottle of any class - 1 entry per section per exhibitor

Most Points in Maple - $25 Gift Certificate - Donated by CDL Inc.

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