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Poultry Show

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Please note Rules Governing the Perth Fair. They pertain to all classes. Please read them carefully

Information: Frank Goodfellow 613-375-6234, Jeff & Lisa Draper

ENTRY FEE - 15% of prize money, Juniors no charge

Note: An exhibitor may enter 2 exhibits in each section including AOV - AOC - AV - AC

  1. Entry forms to be submitted to fair office before Monday, August 28th

  2. Entries (poultry) are to be brought in caged, to the Fantasy Farm Friday, September 1st from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm or Saturday, September 2nd before 9:30 am

  3. Entries must remain until 4:00 pm Monday September 4th or prize money is forfeited, entries (poultry) must be removed by 6:00 pm Monday September 4th

  4. Additional classes will not be opened

  5. Feed and water will be supplied



Steve Coughler Memorial
Grand Champion Bird in Show
Best Chicken
Best Waterfowl
Best Pigeon
William Kennery Memorial Champion Junior Entry

PRIZE MONEY - 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00 - Ribbons for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd are available on request


Sub-classes: Cock, Hen, Cockerel, Pullet
1.    Brahma
2.    Brahma, AOV
3.    Cochin, White
4.    Cochin, Aoc
5.    Langshan, AC
6.    Rhode Island Red, AV
7.    Plymouth Rock, White
8.    Plymouth Rock, Aoc
9.    Wyandotte, AC
10.    New Hampshire
11.    American, AOV
12.    Leghorn, Dark Brown
13.    Leghorn, Light Brown
14.    Leghorn, Sc White
15.    Leghorn, Aoc
16.    Minorca, AC
17.    Mediteranean, AOV
18.    Cornish, AC
19.    Australorp
20.    Orpington, AC
21.    English, AOV
22.    Hamburg, AC
23.    Polish, AC
24.    Sumatra, AC
25.    Old English Game, AC
26.    Standard, AOV

Bantam Fowl - Clean Leg
Sub-classes: Cock, Hen, Cockerel, Pullet
27.    Bantam Clean Leg- Rose Comb, Black
28.    Bantam Clean Leg- Rose Comb, Aoc
29.    Bantam Clean Leg - Cornish AC
30.    Bantam Clean Leg old English Game, Spang
31.    Bantam Clean Leg old English Game, Blk R
32.    Bantam Clean Leg old English Game, Duck
33.    Bantam Clean Leg old English Game, Black
34.    Bantam Clean Leg old Eng Game, Wheaton
35.    Bantam Clean old Eng Game, Aoc
36.    Bantam Clean Leg Sebrights, AC
37.    Bantam Clean Leg D'anver AC
38.    Bantam Clean Leg Rhode Island Red, AV
39.    Bantam Clean Leg Modern Game, Birchin
40.    Bantam Clean Leg Modern Game, Aoc
41.    Bantam Clean Leg Leghorn, Sc White
42.    Bantam Clean Leg- Leghorn, AOV
43.    Bantam Clean Leg Japs, AC
44.    Bantam Clean Leg New Hampshire
45.    Bantam Clean Leg Rock, White
46.    Bantam Clean Leg Rock, Barred
47.    Bantam Clean Leg Rock, AOV
48.    Bantam Clean Leg Wyandotte, Black
49.    Bantam Clean Leg Wyandotte, White
50.    Bantam Clean Leg Wyandotte, AOV
51.    Bantam Clean Leg - Clean Leg, AOV

Bantam Fowl - Feather Leg
Sub-classes: Cock, Hen, Cockerel, Pullet
52.    Bantam Feather Leg Cochin, White
53.    Bantam Feather Leg Cochin, Black
54.    Bantam Feather Leg Cochin, Aoc
55.    Bantam Feather Leg Brahma, Buff
56.    Bantam Feather Leg Brahma, Light
57.    Bantam Feather Leg Brahma, Dark
58.    Bantam Feather Leg Silkie, White
59.    Bantam Feather Leg Silkie AOC
60.    Bantam Feather Leg D'uccle, Mille Fleur
61.    Bantam Feather Leg D'uccle, AOV
62.    Bantam Feather Leg Booted, AC
63.    Bantam Feather Leg Featherleg, AOV

Sub-classes: Cock, Hen, Cockerel, Pullet
64.    Geese Embden
65.    Geese, African
66.    Geese Buff
67.    Geese, China, AC
68.    Geese Egyptian
69.    Geese, AOV

Sub-classes: Cock, Hen, Cockerel, Pullet
70.    Duck Pekin
71.    Duck Rouen
72.    Heavy Duck, AOV
73.    Duck Crested, White
74.    Duck Cayuga
75.    Medium Duck, AOV
76.    Duck Runner, AC
77.    Light Duck, AOV
78.    Duck Call, White
79.    Duck Call Grey
80.    Duck Call, Aoc
81.    Duck East Indie
82.    Bantam Duck, AOV

Sub-classes: Cock, Hen, Cockerel
83.    Pigeons English Magpie, AC
84.    Pigeons English Fantail, Aoc
85.    Pigeons Indian Fantail AOC
86.    Pigeons Modena Schiette, AC
87.    Pigeons Modena Gazzi, AC
88.    Pigeons Tumbler, Komoroner, AC
89.    Pigeons Tumbler, Lfcl, Solid
90.    Pigeons Tumbler, Lfcl, Aoc
91.    Tumbler, AOV
92.    Show Rollers, Red or Yellow
93.    Show Rollers, Black or Dun
94.    Show Rollers, AOC
95.    Flying Roller, Bar or Check
96.    Flying Roller, Aoc
97.    Homers Show, Check
98.    Homers Show, Barred
99.    Homers Show, AOC
100.    Homers Racing, Checked
101.    Homers Racing, Barred
102.    Homers Racing, Aoc
103.    American Show Racer, Barred
104.    American Show Racer, Check
105.    American Show Racer, AC
106.    Homer, AOV
107.    Tipplers, White Flight
108.    Tipplers, Aoc
109.    Pouters, AC
110.    Croppers, AC
111.    Jacobins, AC
112.    Chinese Owl, AC
113.    African Owls, AC
114.    Old German Owl, AC
115.    Egyptian Swift, AC
116.    Ice, AC
117.    Pigeon, AOV
118.    Doves, AC

Junior Classes
Sub-classes: Male, Female
119.    Junior Standard - Clean Leg AC
120.    Junior Standard - Feather Leg AC
121.    Junior Bantam - Clean Leg AC
122.    Junior Bantam - Feather Leg AC
123.    Junior Pigeon - Clean Leg AC
124.    Junior Pigeon - Feather Leg AC
125.    Jr - Waterfowl - Duck AV
126.    Jr - Waterfowl - Geese AV

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