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Image by Randy Fath

Tractor Pull

TRACK - Monday, September 4, 2023,  10:00 AM

INFORMATION: 613-267-4104

REGISTRATION: $10 per tractor, per class - 3rd Hitch is free with paid admission

PRIZE MONEY - 1st $40.00, 2nd $30.00, 3rd $25.00

OPEN - 1st $110.00, 2nd $80.00, 3rd $50.00


Antique Tractors (1960 & older) - Up to 3,500lbs • 3,500 to 4,500lbs • Up to 5,500lbs • Up to 6,500lbs • Up to 7,500lbs • Up to 8,500lbs • Up to 10,500lbs • OPEN

Farm Stock Tractors (1961 & newer) - Up to 6,500lbs • Up to 7,500lbs • Up to 8,500lbs • Up to 10,500lbs • OPEN FOR Single-Engine Modified Tractors (exhibition only)


  1. Stock tractors must have a hood, floor boards, a grill, fenders, a seat and must be stock appearing

  2. Tractor draw bar height is 20 inches from the top of the hitching device to the ground

  3. Tractor hitches (draw bars) must be stationary in all directions

  4. Tractor exhaust systems (mufflers) must be pointed away from the spectators

  5. All drivers must remain seated during the pull

  6. Tractors must be in neutral with hand raised while hooking and unhooking from sled

  7. Pulling vehicle must remain in bounds at all times. Out of bounds may result in disqualification

  8. All weights must be secured on tractor, no weights behind rear axle. Loss of weights on track during pull may result in disqualification

  9. While pulling, the competitor must obey the track officials, failure to do so may result in disqualification

  10. If there is a problem with a puller or their vehicle, officlas must be notified before vehicle leaves the track

  11. Pullers have the option to stop their pull within the first 75 feet and try again. Their second pull will be their measured pull

  12. The first competitor of each class will be the test puller and at the completion of his or her pull, may elect to pull again in the third or last position. If driver elects to do this, their first pull will not count

  13. Sled operator and track officials have the right to restart the class if it is determined the sled is too light or too heavy

  14. No tractors are to be left running while unattended by the operator

  15. Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times

  16. Next puller must be on deck and ready to pull

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