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The 2023 theme is: Sunflowers

Entries on this page require tags

Please note Rules Governing the Perth Fair. They pertain to all classes. Please read them carefully.


Committee Chair: Beth Yuill (613) 267-4104


Do not use containers of value. The Perth and District Agricultural Society cannot be responsible for valuable containers


Hints for Exhibitors in the Flower Class

  • All exhibits should be arranged attractively

  • Cut flowers are to be shown with long stem and where possible, with foliage

  • For taller stems and larger containers, the use of cedar is recommended to hold the stems in place. Note: Cedar is used as a filler and is not to show above the container edge

  • Flowers should be as uniform as possible

  • A spray is a portion of the plant, with a number of flowers

  • A stem is a plant structure, carrying one or more flowers and/or buds

  • A bloom is an individual flower, one to a stem

  • If a bud is not opened and not showing any colour, it does not count as a bloom and it is a good idea to remove it

  • Exhibit(s) must contain the exact number of flowers specified in the section

  • Do not leave seed heads in the exhibit

  • Watch for wilted petals

  • Remove debris from the pot

  • Flowers and Plants must be insect and disease free to be eligible for judging

  • In dahlia classes, green centres should not be showing and the blooms should be approximately 45 degrees from the stem

  • Ideal gladiolus should be 1/3 open, 1/3 bud, 1/3 green, please use a tall sturdy container

  • A snapdragon may have more than one spike, (note what is specified for the section)

  • African violets should contain only a single crown in a pot

  • In a floral arrangement, the large flowers and strong colours should be at the base


1st - $30.00 Gift Certificate - Perth Farmers Market 

2nd - $25.00 Gift Certificate -  Kelly's Flowers & Gift Boutique


Gift certificate for One Hand-Tied  Boutique


1.    Nicotiana - 3 Stems
2.    Hosta - one variety - 3 leaves in water
3.    Cosmos - any variety - 3 stems
4.    Dahlias - 3 blooms
5.    Amaranthus - Any Variety- 3 Stems
6.    Phlox- Any Variety - 3 Stems
Not over 18" high
7.    Gladioli - any colour - 3 Spikes
8.    Rudbeckia - 5 Stems
9.    Pansies - 5 Blooms
10.    "WINE & ROSES"
A Single Rose Floating in A Wine Glass
11.    Rose - any kind, 1 stem, name variety
12.    Snapdragons - Any Variety or Mix - 5 Stems
13.    Sweet Peas - Any Variety - 5 Stems
14.    Bachelor's Buttons - Any Colour/variety - 5 Blooms
15.    Zinnias - collection - any Variety/colour - 5 Stems
16.    Hydrangea- 3 stems in water
Leaves & stems showing, not over 20" high
17.    Petunias - 3 Sprays
18.    A Container of Mixed Perennials - 10 Stems
19.    A Container of Mixed Annuals - 10 Stems
20.    Salvia - Any Variety - 3 Stems
21.    Bouquet of Garden Mums - 5 Stems
22.    Marigold- Any Variety- 5 Blooms
23.    Tiny Treasures
Miniature arrangement of cut flowers not over 5" any direction
24.    Echinacea - any colour/variety - 5 blooms
25.    Fern - Hanging basket
Pot not to exceed 12" - as Grown in Pot
26.    Petunias - Hanging basket
Pot not to exceed 12" - as Grown in Pot

Note: Pots not to exceed 10"
27.    Foliage Plant Potted - Named
As Grown in Pot
28.    Begonias, in Bloom
As Grown in Pot
29.    Hen & Chicken Plant
As Grown in Pot
30.    Impatiens Plant
As Grown in Pot
31.    African Violet - Single Crown
As Grown in Pot
32.    1 Potted Geranium- in Bud/bloom
As Grown in Pot
33.    Potted Herb - Identified
As Grown in Pot
34.    Ivy type plant potted
As Grown in Pot
35.    A Collection of Cacti or succulent
Two or more, As Grown in Pot


Flower Specials

36.    Sunshine bouquet
5 stems of assorted sunflowers, not over 24"
37.    A Sunflower arrangement in a mason jar
Suitable for a table centerpiece, not to exceed 10" in any direction
38.    Single Sunflower Stem
Variety named, not to exceed 18''
39.    Sunflower(s) floating in a glass bowl
40.    Sunflower Fall Splendor
An arrangement of Sunflowers and colourful fall materials. Not to exceed 24"
41.    Sunflower - as grown in pot
Maximum 12" pot, not to exceed 4' high


42.  Fall Splendor

An arrangement of Sunflowers and colourful fall materials found in your yard.

Not to exceed 16"

We sincerely appreciate your work and look forward to displaying your entries in our Homecraft building.

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