2020 Virtual Perth

Fair Classes


Click the link below to open or download the PDF version of the 2020 Virtual Perth Fair Class List


Online Entry Forms

We are excited to provide exhibitors and competitors at the Perth Fair an online entry form system.


Simply head to www.assistexpo.ca/perthfair, easily create an account and submit your entry form for an event or class you would like to enter.

Printable Entry Forms

While we encourage everyone to use the online entry form system, we are still accepting regular entry forms which are available below. In order to submit a regular entry form, simply print it out, fill in the appropriate information and submit it to the Perth Fair Office by mail, email (scanned copy), or in person at the Perth Fairgrounds Office. 


Perth & District Agricultural Society
Box 158, 50 Arthur St, Perth, ON K7H 3E3
Phone: 613-267-4104       *      Fax: 613-466-0432
Email: office@perthfair.com

Eggs, Homecrafts, Honey, Hay, Maple, Poultry, Seed & Grain, Vegetables & Junior Classes

Perth Fair

Perth & District Agricultural Society
Box 158, 50 Arthur St.
Perth, ON K7H 3E3

Countdown to the Fair!

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Phone number: 613-267-4104    Email: office@perthfair.com