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The 2022 theme is: Grandma's Kitchen

* Entries on this page require tags

** Please note Rules Governing the Perth Fair. They pertain to all classes. Please read them carefully.

Information: Marg Brandrick 613-267-1390


  • All work must be clean and appear new. Old and soiled work will not be judged. Articles that have been stored in mothballs must be completely aired prior to exhibiting or they will not be accepted.

  • Articles exhibited this year may only be brought back next year if entered in a different section.

  • Articles not adhering to the specifications stated in the prize list and regulations books will be disqualified.

  • Articles to remain on display until 4:00 p.m. Monday.

  • ALL ARTICLES MUST BE HANDMADE and must include S.M.A. or S.Y.A if requested - failure to include can disqualify entry.

  • S.M.A. - a sample of material(s) attached to the entry tag.

  • S.Y.A. - a sample of yarn(s) attached to the entry tag.


PRIZE MONEY - 1st - $10.00, 2nd - $8.00, 3rd - $6.00




1.  Nightgown - Adult - SMA

2.  Child's pajamas, top and bottom - SMA

3.  Child's party dress - 6 years and under

4.  Girls dress made from a pillowcase - SMA

5.  All purpose bag - SMA

6.  Pillowcase - set of 2 - SMA

7.  Bib or Cobbler Apron - SMA

8.  Christmas Tree Skirt – SMA

9.  Pot Luck dish carrier - SMA

10. Pot Holders - one pair for Grandma's Kitchen - SMA

11. Pet Accessory (ex. coat, boots) - SMA

12. Fabric Bookcover - SMA

13. Clothes pin bag – SMA

14. Sewn Tablecloth - 36" square - SMA

15. Fabric Table Runner – SMA

       Min 36" long




16. Afghan, minimum 40" x 50" (exclusive of optional fringe), any yarn - SYA

17. Knitted adult vest - SYA

18. Knitted shawl - SYA

19. Child's long sleeve sweater, size 2 to 6 - SYA

20. Knitted boot toppers - SYA

21. Adult hat, any size - SYA

22. Pair of adult socks, using sock yarn - SYA

23. Pair of adult slippers - SYA

24. Cocoon/snuggle bag for a baby - SYA

25. Knitted scarf suitable for a male or female, your choice - SYA

26. Baby afghan - SYA

27. 3 cotton dishclothes, different designs - SYA

28. Hat & mitten set for adult - SYA

29. Smittens - SYA

30. Knitted article of clothing not listed in this category - SYA

31. Knitted and or felted item, made from natural fibre - SYA

       E.g. Wool shorn from sheep, alpaca, goat, etc.

       Include a label or origin of fibre if hand spun




32. Afghan - SYA

33. Baby afghan, any yarn - SYA

34. Crocheted fingerless gloves - SYA

35. Crocheted stuffed doll - SYA

36. Towel & dish cloth set - SYA

        Pattern of your choice

37. Crocheted hot pad - SYA

38. Crocheted doily - SYA

       12" or less, mounted on bristol board

39. Crocheted hat - SYA

40. Crocheted article of clothing (any item not listed in this category) - SYA



41. Cushion made from vintage fabric or recycled material - SMA

        Size not to exceed 16"

42. Article previously made with Granny Squares

       Any technique or combination of techniques

43. Tote bag made from man's recycled suit material

44. Article made from recycled men's ties

45. Braided rug from recycled fabric



46. Any article made from recycled fabric and cans

47. Decorate an unopened, non-perishable box or canned food as a gift (10 years & under) 

        All entries donated to local food bank.

48. Sewn fabric microwave bowl holder - SMA  Sponsored by Gail MacFarlane

49. Sewn door draft stopper - SMA 

50. Sock puppet 

       Decorated to look like Grandma, using embroidery, sewing, etc.  Sponsored by Ilene Myerscough

MOST POINTS YOUNG HANDICRAFTERS - 1st $50.00 gift certificate - Donated by Shear Perfection Hair Design



51. Lap warmer - SMA

May be made using fabric or yarn, knit or crocheted or sewn by machine or handsewn.

Appropriate for either female or male, approx 30 in. by 40 in. These items will be donated to the local nursing homes. Please use washable materials.

PRIZE MONEY - 1st $25.00, 2nd $15.00 Sponsored by Mary Adam


MOST ORIGINAL HANDICRAFT ENTRY - $20.00 Gift Certificate Donated by The Real Wool Shop

MOST POINTS HANDICRAFTS - 1st $25.00 Gift Certificate from Flint and Honey and $25 from Homecraft Committee,                                                                                2nd $25 Gift Certificate Donated by The Plaid Cow

We sincerely appreciate your work and look forward to displaying your entries in our Homecraft building.

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