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Hay Barrels


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Please note the Rules Governing the Perth Fair. They pertain to all classes. Please read them carefully.

Information: Doug & Trina Conboy 613-326-0938


  • All exhibits in this class must be in place between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 31st in the Lindsay Campbell Barn, ready for judging.

  • Seed and Grain must be grown by the exhibitor in current year (soybeans must be grown in the previous year)

  • Two or more persons working a farm in partnership may make one entry only in a section

  • When 'Sheaf" is called for, Sheaf must be at least 3" in diameter at center and corn must contain 12 stalks. Sheaves less than 3" will be disqualified. Stands are available at the Lindsay Campbell Barn. 

  • Plastic bags are available at the fair office - full bags required for judging.

PRIZE MONEY - 1st $15.00, 2nd $12.00, 3rd $9.00, 4th $6.00, 5th $4.00


1. 1st cut legume - 85% or more alfalfa

2. 1st cut legume - 85% or more legume other than alfalfa

3. 1st cut hay - 85% or more grass

4. 1st cut hay -Balage

5. 2nd cut hay - 85% or more legume

6. 2nd cut grass hay - 85% or more grass

7. Haylage - 5 lbs. In plastic bag.

8. Hay - 1 bale 1st cut 

9. Hay - 1 bale 2nd cut


Champion Hay - Prize donated by Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd.

Most Points Hay - Prize donated by Pickseed

Most Points Overall - Prize donated by MacEwen's Agricentre Inc.

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