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Hobby Crafts


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The 2023 theme is: Sunflowers

* Entries on this page require tags

** Please note Rules Governing the Perth Fair. They pertain to all classes. Please read them carefully.

Information: 613-267-4104

Please ensure that all tags are securely attached to your entry.

  • All work must be clean and appear new. Old and soiled work will not be judged. Articles that have been stored in mothballs must be completely aired prior to exhibiting or they will not be accepted.

  • Articles exhibited this year may only be brought back next year if entered in a different section.

  • Articles not adhering to the specifications stated in the prize list and regulation books will be disqualified.

  • Please ensure that all tags are securely attached to your entry

  • S.M.A. - A sample of material(s) attached to the entry tag.

  • S.Y.A. - A sample of yarn(s) attached to the entry tag.



PRIZE MONEY - 1st $10.00, 2nd $8.00, 3rd $6.00

1.    Set of 3 different Christmas tree decorations

        Handmade, any mediums

2.    Christmas door decoration

        Ready to hand, any medium

3.    Article made from re-purposed Christmas cards

4.    Handmade Christmas card with envelope

        Not computerized

5.    Tole-painted Christmas item

6.    Christmas Advent Calendar

        Ready to hang

7.    Christmas stocking

        Handmade, ready to hang

8.    Creatively wrapped Christmas present

        Judged on wrapping and presentation, no larger than 10" X 10" X 10"

9.    Novelty handmade craft sale item valued to sell @ $5-$10

        Preference given to theme related items

10.  Handmade craft sale item valued to sell up to $20

        Preference given to theme related items

11.  Painted Barn Quilt 24" X 24"

12.  Gnome

        No larger than 12" X 16"

        Preference given to theme related item

13.  Handmade "Welcome" sign

14.  Sign using Cricut

        No larger than 20" X 20"

15.  Customize a coffee mug using Cricut

16.  Sunflower made from a hubcap

17.  Adult colouring - mounted or framed

        No larger than 11" X 14" with mounting/frame

18.  Sunflower suncatcher

19.  Chalkboard craft

        Not to exceed 12" X 14"

20.  Mason jar craft

21.  Craft made as part of a class

22.  Decorated/painted T-shirt

23.  Article of macrame

24.  Soft toy, any medium, child safe

        Must observe safety standards for a young child

25.  Article of Woodburning

26.  An item of handmade jewellery

27.  Article of needlework

        Ready to hang

28.  Diamond painting

        Preference given to theme related article

29.  Painting in watercolour, oil, or acrylic

        Ready to hang. No larger than 24" X 24" plus frame, no paint by number

30.  Pencil or Charcoal Drawing

        Ready to hang. Not to exceed 16" X 24" plus frame

31.  Article made from a kit

        Kit details are to be included


$30 Gift Certificate

Sponsored by: Mariposa Design Inc.


Prize Money: $25

Sponsored by: Sharon Bjergso in memory of Heather Moodie


$30 Gift Certificate

Sponsored by: Mariposa Design Inc.

We sincerely appreciate your work and look forward to displaying your entries in our Homecraft building.

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