Hobby Crafts


This year's theme is: TBD

* Entries on this page require tags

** Please note Rules Governing the Perth Fair. They pertain to all classes. Please read them carefully.

Hobby Crafts under construction - please see Prize List or Advanced List for complete list of classes

Information: Heather Moodie 613-285-6194, Lucie Poulin, Eadie Lafreniere

Please ensure that all tags are securely attached to your entry.

  • All work must be clean and appear new. Old and soiled work will not be judged. Articles that have been stored in mothballs must be completely aired prior to exhibiting or they will not be accepted.

  • Articles exhibited this year may only be brought back next year if entered in a different section.

  • Articles not adhering to the specifications stated in the prize list and regulation books will be disqualified.

  • Please ensure that all tags are securely attached to your entry

  • S.M.A. - A sample of material(s) attached to the entry tag.

  • S.Y.A. - A sample of yarn(s) attached to the entry tag.



PRIZE MONEY - 1st $10.00, 2nd $8.00, 3rd $6.00

  1. Three different Christmas tree ornaments - Any medium

  2. A handmade Christmas wreath, ready to hang - Any medium

  3. Novelty handmade bazaar item valued to sell at $5.00 to $10.00 - Preferences given to theme related items

  4. Handmade bazaar item valued to sell up to $20.00 - Preferences given to theme related items

  5. Painted Barn Quilt

  6. Collage of Cows. Please cover entire page - Page not to exceed 11" x 14"

  7. Flowers in a milk pitcher or milk bottle - Flowers to be artificial, fresh or dried

  8. Fashion accessory made from T-shirts - For example hairband, waistband, neckwear, etc.

  9. A Moo-ving invitation to join a 4-H calf club.  No computer invitations

  10. Repurposed china or glassware

  11. Sample of adult's colouring - Mounted or framed - No larger than 11" x 14"

  12. Handmade friendship bracelet - Any medium, SMA/SYA

  13. Jewelry organizer - Any medium, SMA

  14. Handmade flowers (2) - displayed in a vase or container

  15. Repurposed old lace - Tatting or crochet

  16. Useful article made from duct tape

  17. Best penmanship. Poem about this years theme - Not to exceed one page (8.5"x11")

  18. 3D paper snowflake

  19. Item carved from a bar of soap

  20. Chalk board craft - Not to exceed 18'x24'

  21. Zentangle doodling - No larger than 11" x 14"

  22. Mason jar craft

  23. Craft made as part of a class with a note - State what craft class it was made at

  24. Decorated/painted T-shirt

  25. Article of Macrame - Ready to hang, SMA/SYA

  26. An old report card - Judged on age  and condition

  27. A family heirloom - Include a history or short story - One page only 8.5"x11"

  28. Soft toy, any medium - Must observe safety standards for a young child, SMA/SYA 

  29. An article of Paint by Number, framed and ready to hang - Not to exceed 16” x 20”

  30. An article made from a kit - Kit details to be included, SMA/SYA

  31. Article of needlework - Ready to hang, SMA/SYA

  32. Handmade mat, any medium - Not larger than 36” in any direction

  33. Painting in watercolour, oil or acrylic, ready to hang - No larger than 20” x 24” plus frame, no paint by number

  34. Pencil or charcoal drawing - Ready to hang, no larger than 12" x 24" plus frame


1st - $50.00 Gift Certificate Donated by Mariposa Design   

2nd - $25.00 gift certificate donated by Sweet Pea's Fresh Flowers




  1. A completed page in/from an adult colouring book

  2. A jigsaw puzzle - 1000 pieces, glued and mounted

  3. Best penmanship - Poem about this years theme

  4. A handmade heirloom item with a short history and who made it , if known

We sincerely appreciate your work and look forward to displaying your entries in our Homecraft building.